Best In Show: Enjoy Every Scapula

October 2, 2007 · Recommendations by R.C. Baker

But hey, the sun was still shining, and, refreshed by the crisp air, we headed south, only to wander into Joseph Zito's horror-show playground at Lennon Weinberg (514 W 25th, 212-941-0012, through October 27). Snugglies fabricated from toxic lead droop from the wall, limp embodiments of current Chinese manufacturing scandals; a powdery orange stain hints that a pair of swimmies lying an a desiccated wading pool are actually made of cast iron (shades of Jeff Koons's confounding bronze aqua lung). In the rear alcove, a seesaw teeters, a live current arcing from one end to the other with loud hissing snaps. Elsewhere, a hand winch plays tug of war with red jammies—like all these grotesqueries, the piece captures a strain of imperiled innocence.